Head to heart

I hurt your head
You hurt my heart
You disengage and play that part
I carry on confused and bewildered
All from your lack of communication
Justifications in many ways
Empathy amiss almost everyday
Incarcerated thoughts come strolling thru
Victim mentality and attitude
Audacity in every form
Balls of steel weather the storm
Too hot to touch the coals of truth
Accountability has been removed
A faceless fuck to your pierced vein
Trust harder to regain

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Sunny day

‘Tis a sunny day
The wind calling me to come play
The dancing trees seem such a site
Floating clouds by willows cry
Jumping grasshopper’s and flutterings by
Children’s laughter on windy stride
Peeking out for all to see
Ray’s that flicker upon the sea
Voices within the hallow call
Bright and cheerful and near to start
Spring is here and life begins
Etching itself upon the sand
Singing dancing and skipping too
Happiness and joy for us all to stand

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Oh how I love thee…

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways…
From 10,9,8
Let me pause and hesitate
For this tale I’m about to paint.
For I am your lady and you are my lord,
I bow in grace and wait
From 7,6,5
Tossing, turning just for the strive
To reach you, just a simple touch
Pull you close to me
My past will be as such
From 4,3,2 and finely 1
Take me in and smother me in your hugs
Ill drown in your comfort and swim in your love
For my love for you will never be undone.

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I came across your picture today
My heart skipped a beat while my throat sank
I thought I had this all over the place
I guess i wasnt fooling realy anybody.
Here you sit and stare up at me
With those eyes that captivate everybody
That smile so beautiful for all to see
But our secret is, you’re smiling just for me.
You captured my heart from the word go
I would never admit it,  my loyalty shown
I was untouchable and invincible
Sitting high on my throan.
I carried myself in such a manner
Billy bad-ass with very nice manners
After all I was still a lady
It was not about romance it was just about the malay.
I still find it sorta odd
That we began with  hoorah! Hoorah!
The best things come to those that want, and take it
Making sure we did’nt break from it
Still knowing and choosing from the word go
We danced and pranced and did it slow
We made ourselves unique
Somthin special to be redeemed
And forever a miss, this oportunist,
Will be ever a missing link

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Writing in my world today
Facing whatever comes my way
Silencing the voices at bay
Tieing up the fabric that’s freyed.
Three step away from crazy
My meds kicked in
Life seems so hazy
Talk me down from the ledge I’m on
In your arms, nothing can go wrong
Torn between two reality’s
Both cant exist comfortbly
Give me peace in the static that stays
And I will commit to you everyday.

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If Lovin You….

If lovin you was sinful
Then I don’t want to be right
Because the joys unfold
Beneath the cold
When I was holdin you so tight
If lovin you was painless
Then don’t inflict me with the hurt
Of things said and done
For I’m the one
Who is burdened with torture
If lovin you was easy
Then don’t put me thru a test
For when’s said and done
And I’m the only one
I will drop you after the conquest.
If lovin you was joyfull
Then a liar I may just be
For the truth be told
You penetrated my soul
And won the heart of thee

Amanda Nicolle


If I told you that I missed you
Would you turn the other way?
Pretend that you didnt hear it and go about your day,
I wouldnt realy blame you
It is truly what it is
My fondness for you
Sometimes make me blue
But alas I am comforted.
In the thought that I was special
Don’t know why I need to know
We have closed that door
We will be no more
Ever will I admire from afar.
So I will take my time and ponder
For the truth I need to believe
Cuz all I have is silence
With the truth I need to grieve.
To accept and to let go seems vital
For a life I too must have
To focus on the only one
To love and to hold and to have.

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The Tie That Binds

The tie that binds society is the same that binds both you and me.
The tie that binds the hands we hold is the same that is more precious than gold.
The tie that binds the board that breaks is the same that saves us from our mistakes.
The tie that binds us naturally is the same bind us eternally
For the tie that bound us all along is the love we share that is oh so strong.
The tie that binds our heart and soul will bind our minds and make us whole

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I love that you are home safe now
47 days now down
Routines and rituals establish themselves
Falling in love and re-learning ourselves.
Time is a matter we keep at hand
Forgiving each other of all the past
Never forgetting what brought us this mess
But liking and serving each other at best.
I give you my heart, for I am all in
You give me your mind and patience with in
You came home to a whole new crazy,
Wrapped your arms around me and called me baby.
I love your sobriety and my sanity thing
We work well together as a firm team.
I love you, you are my king
I love you, I want this and pray for our means.

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