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May I let you in on something? I am just bursting at the seams. I try so hard and feel so full of all the unrequited dreams.
The last thing I remember, is the hug and kiss good-bye. Inside my head and in my chest, my soul just wants to fly.
It started with a gaze, that look that pierced my soul, pentrated deep down inside and placed me under control.
And now it’s but a dream. Relentless, whispy and true. For all it was, the time well spent, a story that begun.
Finding sure footing, my secret safe with in. A beacon of light- what if I die? of loving you tonight?
Noone needs to know, the safely gaurded tale. Entertwined, two fools combind, it’s as fresh as morning dew.
I will keep it tucked down under, let it resonate and shine, you will never know- this far I hope, Of how you make me shudder.
So when my insides start to fail and my heart bursts out of my chest. I will tell you now- no need to fret – but just remember this..
A fool I have been- I have played..
with fire so close to surface, your hands wrap around my neck- I am bound, and I’m feeling the need to secure this.
Admired from afar and the lust between us -broken. But once upon a time- when the world was solely mine- I had you and you had me-together we did fly.

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