We ride in silence trying to ignore the shift,
As we pray silently that our hearts be filled with bliss
Your addiction has been your mistress, now, it’s recovery
Mine has been love a different sort of breed.
You left in a time of trial and turbulation grew
Thunderous reality, your child you barely knew.
Another check mark against me you put
Upon your list of people that have hurt.
Displays of arrogence of innocence and pain
Only against you, not what you have done again.
With no excuse or justification I will give
Except in fact for mental illness
I know what I know and I didnt back then
Drugs were your mistress and mine was sex.
I take full acountability for such
I only wanted to feel YOUR love.
I tried to find it in random men
Hindsight reveals that you were more than them.
You are my balance, my grounding force.
I open up to you to prove you are much more.
Vulnerability comes in waves
With a checkered past in traumatic waves.
I love you with the fury of a thousand suns
And hope that honesty will enhance our love.
Bonding with you is an act so rare
It is only you that I am afraid to tell.
I pray to God that he holds you tight
And whispers in your ear that this is all so right.
I will fight for us until the war is won
For you are my king.
My heart you have won

Amanda Nicolle


About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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