Swingin High

I’m not swingin high today
I’m swingin low in a different way
My moods always get in the way
I’m not swing very high today.
Yesterday was fun
An exciting adventure
I thrive on chaos and and no moods were tempered
I dont know why I cant be even
A balancing act worked in pieces.
I’m not swing high today
I can tell when things come my way
I throw it up and let it fall where they may
The attitude of “come what may”
It is darker here vs. Days gone past
I only hope I end in a laugh
Self destructive ambience
The light at the end I want to grasp
Feelings better left on a shelf
Coupled with the lack of wealth
Piece by piece I pick apart myself
My only goal is for my heart will melt.
Two by two I let them fall
Piling higher onto my world
Carried on my shoulders full
Hope this cycle is a short whirl.

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About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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