What is good for the goose..

What seems good for the goose must be good for the gander
Heaven help me I may start on a bender.
What’s not to say that I totally got this?
Oh yeah, that’s right, my tiny angel, my sponsor.
How many more times will I feel this obsession?
Will I ever be recovered? Is there really such an option?
Some of you say yes, at times I do agree..
But not right now, not today.
So off to a meeting I go once again
On bended knee I ask for strength.
I look to the sky and wait for my answer
The work is in the intention, the work is in the service.
Just when I feel as though I do not want to go
That is my answer , that is my cue to bolt.
Head straight for the room that is best for us all
Upon those chairs placed inside those walls.
Thank you dear God for giving me the strength
And the courage to accept and to look at all things.
Straight to the chair where I am equal in there.
It works if I work it, it all starts in fear.
But as I will see, it will once again become a bit more easy..
As long as I am honest and never decieving.

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About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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