Rabbit and the Moon

“Say my sweet”, said the rabbit to the moon, “how would one go about falling in love with you?”
“I suppose that it’s quite simple” replied the moon back to it’s guest,
“One would need to be only filled with paitence and good intent”.
“I see” the rabbit stated, starry eyes a mist, ” I guess that is quite simple, one I can not miss.”
“Now now” says the moon “though simple it may be, loving me is something you must do so carefully”
“How’s that?” Questioned the rabbit, starting to fret a bit, “I want to make you my everything! What have I missed?”
“You can start by understanding first, I can not be held. You must only sit and appriciate all that I can give.
Never do expect that my light so shines for you. Always know that I will be a glow for all to view.
And keep in mind that i am not always whole. That my shape will change from day to day, but my love will always grow.”
“Wow” says the rabbit, sunken hopes and all. “What is the rest of your story so untold?’
The moon looked down at rabbit and offered like so. “Well you see my dear, its quite like this, I am just not yours to hold. You can get all i give to you by patience and by view. But know that in my heart of hearts I truly do love you. For I am not yours and am no one else’s. Im simply not a posession. You are you and I am me..we are not each other’s halves, we are we, individually.”
   Now the rabbit did sit and ponder this for a bit. With a reply he looked up and quizzicly said “Then how may I show my affection for you? When you shine so bright I dance only for you.”
The moon sweetly replied ” I was whole when you first met me though half you sometimes see. For I am an illusion meant for all to be. I infect you with my beauty and effect you with my light. I can erase all of your troubles by the dawn’s early light. Im an illusion you can never grasp. A tale for you to share. For when you are old and grey, i will still be here. So come rest under my beauty. I will caress you with my stare. And when you have had your fill of me, look up and I will still be here. Walk away joyous. Parting isnt so sweet. But reflect as I do, upon our time, when we two did meet.”.

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About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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