Life is but a dream..

Maybe it never happened
Maybe its all in my head.
Maybe I can press re-wind
And start it all again.
Maybe at me, you never meant, to smile that glorious smile.
You sucked me in, with your bright wide grin, and sent me on a spiral.
Maybe I just thought that I could walk away..
Or convinced myself by convincing you, just so you would stay.
Maybe I never expected for that to turn to this,
Maybe just maybe you shared in my delusional bliss.
Maybe I imagined for this to be ok.
Maybe you felt the same as I and didnt want to walk away.
Maybe I confess, that attachment did so form
Maybe you already knew it and ran straight for the door.
Maybe you were my begining
And took me off the shelf,
Maybe you found me
When I couldnt find myself.
Maybe you never attempted
To offer a special good-bye
By lifting me up, pulling me close, and embracing me so tight.
Maybe I didnt want you to go
But knew you couldnt stay
Not like this, not now, and never again in this way.
Maybe this is all just part of my mental streams,
Maybe you and life itself, is merely but a dream.



About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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