The Fury of a Thousand Suns

I love you more than i did before.
More than yesterday, more still to come.
A fury of a thousand suns, could not begin to describe the story of our love.
Beside me you have chose to walk..
Beside you I stand and I havent looked back.
A new begining every few months, im certain now will finely stop.
You know me better than i know myself. I have let you in, i have no doubt.
My love for you is never ending
You are my best friend.. that was never pending.
I accept you for all that you are..
All that you have been, all that you will become.
It is easy, loving you with the fury of a thousand suns..
Always will, Always was.


About statickitten131

My name is Amanda and I love writing. Currantly I have been writing poetry more as a canvas to channel my Bi-polar energy and to strengthen my skills.

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