Archive | February 2014


Now that I am alone with my thoughts, I seem to be at a loss.
But why you ask? It is as simple as this, my heart you stole and I was completely abliss.
The severed ties that i must maintain, doesnt help me when I must refrain.
Language is spoken thru many forms, I want you now even more.
I must walk away and never forget..
What it is you represent.
A form of freedom, liberty at will
A story kept close to reflect on still.
Beyond special to me you are,
Now you are apart of my past and start.
I will never forget the lessons I have learned.
Because of you, my past and present merge.
I will take you everywhere I go
A part of me loves you more than you will ever know.


The Thought

I thought of you today…
As i sat and talked and wiped the tears from my face…
I have given you an absorbanent amount of power…
You held me hostage, my everything you have devoured..
My muchness depleats when i think of that day..
You stole me.. you stole my way..
You took what was never yours
You laughed it off, leaving emotional sores..
Scaring me from deep with in
With no escape from your vile sin.
Nothing brings closure to those fateful days..
When I lacked the courage to fight off your ways..
I can never accept you for who you are..
One of “God’s” children?
You are a fuckin minion that the darkness hoards..
I fucking hate that you even exist..
So I will pray before confirming my wish..
I hope you rott in the hell you deserve..
No more power over me you will observe..
I give it back to you..
And i give you back all the battered tunes..
It’s not mine to carry..
I lay it down.. and pray that God picks me up where I am bound.

Glutten For Punishment

As though it may seem, a glutten for punishment gleams, with one more round of sinful deceits..
Chocolate, ice cream all of it, sour. You on a silver platter wanting to be devoured.
A nibble here, a nibble there, a gentle bite to remind you I am near.
A gentle nudge, a playful surprise..
I can almost taste the delisiousness inside..
A few more kisses before I reach the top, ending with a final pop..
You are are a must..
When once is too many and twice is never enough.

This Smile

This smile has seen it’s day of rain
It’s day of sunshine, it’s day of pain.
This smile has been enveloped by your tender embrace,
The strength of your arms, the warmth of your kiss..
This smile will know the surety of sin.. when it feels the depth of loving you again.
This smile will wait for you to see
When you finely see what it is I see.
This smile will hold you forever more.. in the shadows of closed doors.
Yes this smile will hold all of your secrets near.. not a person it will speak to not a soul it will tell.
This smile will stay just like it is…
Painted on my very lips

I Got This

Believe me when I say I got this.
For low and behold, believe me, I saw this.
Comin from a mile away, testing and mending the fabric that freys..
Into the abyss, I jump feet first..
My head will follow my heart on thru..
A tip of the hat, had me at best,
Consecrating this soul’s unrest..
I drown in your welcoming embrace..
All the while I’m uncomfortable in grace.
It was meant to be you and me..
No remorse, no “it should be’s”
No regrets, sealed with one last kiss..
Believe when I say..
I got this.